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The European cross-border programme Interreg supports a range of projects which support the topics of: economic development, environment, culture, tourism, social inclusion, but also maritime cooperation. In November 2015 we found out that our Spark Social Enterprise Project was selected for funding in the Interreg 2 Seas Programme and we look forward to sharing more information with you on this as the project develops. Some of our previous Interreg projects are detailed below.

icon-euro  Out of the Blue Project

Out of the Blue (Waide) was an Interreg Channel funded project that began in April 2012. The focus of the project was on exploring common cross-cultural and historical heritage associated with the woad dye. The shared themes were expressed through a range of cultural, artistic, social and environmental activities. The project stimulated creativity through commissions for artists and landscape architects, fashion/textile design projects with students in higher education, new historical research, innovative audience development programmes and skills development both for working professionals and the unemployed.

The Platform worked with adults from marginalised group to deliver social inclusion activities on the project. The Platform provided volunteer and training opportunities to marginalised groups in the growing of woad and horticulture skills, developed craft skills and training volunteers as craft trainers. This work led to exhibitions, open days and study visits to France.

As part of the project, The Platform have created a video of one of the groups which are part of our delivery on the project.

icon-euro  New Technologies for Apprenticeship (NTA)

New Technologies for Apprenticeship (NTA) was an Interreg Channel project which follows on from the work done during the E-Learning@Apprenticeship project which ran from 2009 and 2012. Building on the achievements of this project, NTA created a cross-border institute that focused on the delivery of e-learning and blended learning relating to catering trades and hairdressing. Activities on the project included: e-learning development, such as mobile learning, virtual class and web conferencing for e-seminars and shared classes, cross border study visits and work placements, and the building of networks, both between tutors and companies in the UK and France.
The Platform were a key partner in the project developing the learning content, delivering modules to disadvantaged groups of learners, hosting and sending cross-border groups of learners on study visits, contributing to e-seminars, disseminating learning at cross border events and stalls, mentoring and engaging with employers.

As part of the project, The Platform’s Catering Project at the Big Fig have created e-learning street food videos which are integrated onto the platform.

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