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Over the past couple of years the Out of the Blue INTERREG project has been running in Amiens, France and Brighton, UK. Organisations in both cities, including Care Co-ops in Brighton have been researching and exploring the dye plant woad. This project has given rise to a broad range of work which has developed in distinctive ways in both Brighton and Amiens.

In Brighton at Care co-ops we have been working with service users to grow our own woad plants and process them to achieve a variety of colours on wool. We have created felted pieces from the wool including one bigger piece which depicts the channel and symbolises the collaboration between the two cities. The focus we have taken as part of this project has been on the craft of dyeing, colour and artistic experimentation. Service users were also trained as craft trainers to carry out workshops with members of the public. Our video of the project is now available to watch on youtube.

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