Catering Project

The Catering Project at the Big Fig offers a 6 week catering courses to unemployed people who are interested in starting a career in catering. Our courses are designed to help people develop new skills, gain qualifications and work experience to build confidence to progress into meaningful employment and further learning.

While on the course you will learn food safety, cooking, knife skills, healthy eating, food preparation, and employability skills in a working kitchen environment with a work placement in France and the opportunity to plan, prepare and deliver a Big Fig ‘pop up’ night in a venue in Brighton to paying customers!

The course is delivered through classroom training and practical kitchen experiences. It includes:

  • Learning professional catering skills
  • Improving your work skills
  • Gaining catering and employability qualifications,
  • Carrying out a 2 week work training placement in France
  • Doing a pop up catering evening in a local restaurant.

On completing the course, we support learners into a range of progression opportunities including:

  • Volunteering
  • Further learning
  • Work placements locally
  • Job opportunities
  • Developing franchising opportunities

Join the Catering Project

For more information and to find out how you can join the Catering Project please Get in touch.
Phone: 01273 468200

“The staff and the way the course is run is very good and informative. One of the best courses I’ve been on. It does what is sets out to achieve” – Frank

To find out more about the Big Fig ethical catering company, visit the Big Fig page.

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